InDesign and WORD Hints

How to get rid of unwanted spacing between paragraphs in Microsoft WORD

To download the following list, click here.

6. While there, you can easily adjust your line spacing Click OK

  1. Open your document in WORD
  2. Select the entire document (I use CTRL + A)
  3. Click on the corner of the Paragraph Tab
  4. Go down to Spacing.
  5. If Before and After are blank, type in 0 pt in each. If there are numbers in Before and After, change them to 0 pt
  6. While there, you can easily adjust your line spacing
  7. Click OK

Have you created and saved a paragraph style in InDesign, but it isn’t listed with the other styles when you create a new document? Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to find it:

To download the following list click here.

  1. Create a new document
  2. Choose Custom or a Template you have already created and saved
  3. Go to Paragraph Styles
  4. Click on the lines
  5. In the menu, click Load Paragraph Styles
  6. In the list of documents, click on one that has the style you want to use
  7. Click the paragraph style that you previously created
  8. Click OK
  9. It should now show up in the Paragraph Styles list
  10. Make sure the T Tool is selected
  11. Click somewhere in the document
  12. Select the entire document. (I used CTRL + A)
  13. Click the paragraph style you want to use
  14. Your document should change to the style you selected
  15. Click anywhere to unselect the document.